Saturday, March 2, 2013

There are over 25,000 known uses for hemp!!!!

Have any of you heard that Fall Out Boy song "My songs know what you did in the dark (light em up)" amazing song. It should be us mmj advocates theme song. Like have a montage of posters in a youtube video, I don't know. LOL

I also want to apologize to my readers and fellow advocates for the entries being so sporadic, my access to the Internet is few and far between these days. The salary of a work from home operator sucks. I am doing the best I can, my recent hire won't start for a while. Doing my best to hold on as long as I can. When I think about this, I also fear the nuisance of a drug test if there is one. I refuse to go back to be dependant on pain medication for my fibromyalgia and all the other crap that I use MMJ for. I am just at the point where I am so happy self medicating with MJ and my other natural remedies I do not want to backwards. I don't need my Xanax anymore, my anxiety are sleeping problems are being to even out. I haven't had any serious sickness this year, no strep, no flu, no nothing other than allergies. I do continue to take my A.D.D medication, I tried to replace it with MMJ but I still felt like I needed it. Having this alternative is great also seeing as I don't have any health insurance. Money is very scarce at the moment and I have to pinch pennies everywhere I can. Although MJ isn't cheap, its cheaper than paying for a doctor's visit and then pay for the medicine they prescribe. A few tokes and I feel normal, I go about my everyday life. Seriously, I'm typing this blog now :-)

PLUS, here is link for Canniboid Doctors, there is even a place where you can send an email to ask these doctors questions.

As a continuation to bring light of Hemp vs. Marijuana I was reading an amazing article online from a contributor like myself. I came across a website that looked as if there articles were written by some amazing contributors who did their homework about the subject. Normal people just like you and me, educating one another. Lots of valuable information must see:

This article caught my eyes and upon reading, it was written with such advancing notions on the subject of oil and hemp. Extremely good read:

With this shameful budget cut that just took place, one would think the elected officials WE voters gave a job to would try and do anything they can to find a method of filling the holes with something. Here's a thought, how about we start with Hemp that can create hundreds of jobs? Jobs in all fields such as farming, manufacturing,textiles (hemp makes rope and clothing), and medical.

This web page answers all of these questions but I will give you a short breakdown.

Hemp farming has been discussed on both sides as being a rather easy plant to grow rather being mostly resistant to harsh elements and the use of pesticides being less than cotton. In other words where a small acreage of cotton to grow would cost $200-$300 per plant, the cost of hemp is half that from less than $100-$150 per plant. Upon research, I found that there is hardly a pest or animal that is not attracted to it. I have always believed that animals have a keen sense to know what is good for them and not. (Well, sometimes, my Dog ate chocolate off the floor and got really sick. Still wants it as well. LOL Maybe not all the time. ) I do believe I just pointed out another job that would be created, industrial farming pest control.A single farmer has the potential to earn $3,800 per acre of industrial hemp. With plants maturing in 100 days here is the formula:

3,800 X 10 acres=38,000
38,000 X 2 Crops per year=117,000

Manufacturing & Textiles:
Something that is extremely said to me see riding through my town and looking around to see all these factories and mills closed that used to yield everyone the opportunity to work. The way it used to be in my state, if you couldn't do anything else for work. There was always the opportunity of going into manual labor in the form of going into a mill. Mainly it was hosiery mills (socks EVERYWHERE in Burlington), the industry that helped my family thrive when I was young. I always remember going to see my Mom at the knitting mill she worked at and Dad inside a Machine Shop. We weren't rich, but I always had everything I needed, not necessarily everything I wanted. With the growth of this industry in the US, there will be a need for workers to make this hemp into something. Hemp makes A LOT of things but here is just a few:

Bio Diesel Fuel
Animal Bedding
Fiber board
Thermal Insulation
Interior Thermal Insulation Blocks
Acoustic Ceiling Insulation
Concrete Blocks
Interior of a car doors
Composite Sink Basins

There is a building here in Burlington, NC that I would love to buy after hemp legalization. Its the old Annedeen/Gold Toe building on Webb Ave that would be a perfect manufacturing facility for hemp products. I would love to launch a line of hemp camping equipment. I would love to create the jobs for my city as well. I love my hometown :-) Being that Hemp is much more cost effective to grow, mass producers invested in the hemp industry can generate large profits trickling down to benefit the workers financially. A hemp manufacturing plant could draw in revenue of
$6.6 million or more. If each state had just 1 hemp manufacturing plant that is 330,000,000,000 and a minimum of 30% will be monies going to taxes. Wouldn't that be a huge plug in our budget deficiet? I used a lot of information from the article below which was written in 1997 by Valerie L Vantreese. Imagine what those numbers have increased to these days.

This one is just too easy but making this a short paragraph is extremely hard.
This article has a picture of an old school bottle of Cannabis Oil and some useful information.

Two things I really wish people would read:

Talks about natural medicine:

I am not going to go into the medical aspects as much, I have something cool planned for April dealing with that.

Thoughts? Anyone?


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